Why clients fly with Studio Perspectives

I began flying the Seattle route in 1991 after a successful-cross country flight from New York. Since then I have flown for all kinds of clients, from small businesses and universities, to fine artists and psychotherapists. I offer a combination of creative services including graphic design, website development, editorial support, and software training.
Experience matters

Because I’ve been a graphic designer, website developer, illustrator, fine artist, author, and educator for over 25 years, my clients benefit from a keen eye and a versatility that only come from long experience. And because I fly solo, I can offer my clients close, personalized attention. When a client calls or emails, they are speaking to the designer, the production artist, and the editorial department — one person managing all aspects of your project.

Web design as a service, not a product

I offer clients a website service — in which the site build is just one part. I don’t simply take your content and jam it into a template. I hold your hand through the entire process, offering  guidance on how to best position your product or service. And when the site is done, I’m still there, to update your site and help it grow as your business grows. Having a real designer on your team is an asset, too, because not all web developers have a design background. Building websites is more than HTML; it’s knowing how to work with typography, images, and visual hierarchy — the very things designers are experienced with.


I just wanted to let you know how thrilled the people on our board and in our organization have been with your work on re-designing our materials for our spring seminar. A re-design was long overdue and everyone agrees that we got way better than we ever expected. Thank you so much for all your great work.
– Giselle Sampson, past president, Western Pension & Benefits Conference