Website remake for painter Michael Stasinos


BEFORE: It is particularly important for visual artists to make a strong presentation that displays their work in the best possible light. Stasinos’ former site had no real design. On the home page the artwork  wasn’t large enough, and there was a large blank area. Nor could Michael make updates to the site himself. This is something that would have been very hard to do with the HTML platforms of 10 years ago, but is much easier to do now with a modern “content management” system like WordPress.

AFTER: The new site was built with a premium WordPress theme, offering all the features of a modern site: a blog component, a rotating slide show on the home page (some painters choose a single, large static image), and in the portfolio sections, large images of the artwork, which is so important for displaying the painter’s work. Michael also asked for an “In Detail” section that allows visitors to zoom in on the paintings to more fully appreciate his detailed style. With approximately three hours of training, Michael is now able to updates his portolios and create blog posts himself.

Visit the Michael Stasinos website.